Caledonia Sportsman's Club

Please see Membership/Winter League page for 2020 Winter League updates.

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Until there is a further easing of Covid-19 related restrictions, there will be no food or beverage services, no indoor archery and no indoor use of the facilities beyond the handling of transactions at the service counter and use of the restrooms.

Guidelines for our guests include the customary Covid-19 related precautions (as promulgated by the CDC and State of Michigan) and include six-foot social distancing, face coverings recommended, etc.  We emphasize that those at severe risk should remain at home.

Also, to compensate for the period of closure, renewal dates for current members have been extended by 2 months.   Any unused punches on league cards may to used for any venue on the premises. 

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the club!

Club Information

Our wooded 80 acre property is located on Coldwater Ave in the southeast corner of Kent county. We are a family oriented club, and we are affiliated with the NRA, 4-H, NSCA, MUCC, ATA, MTA, MI Bow hunters and IBO. We teach hunter safety and have instruction available for anyone desiring to learn any of the shooting sports.

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