Caledonia Sportsman's Club



Any Gear – Any Day League

1)     January 4th date is for practice, orientation, or shooting scoring round if desired.   Any gear welcome – traditional or compound.  You may shoot any time the club is open!

2)     There will be ten weeks of scoring.  A fun night will be scheduled during the league.

3)     Must be member (or trial member) to participate; all fees must be paid by February 1 or you will be disqualified until payment is made. 

4)     Pay at counter on ground floor and request (& retain) your receipt.  League fee is $25 for associate & trial members; $20 for charters; youth is $10 each.

5)     Non-league shooters & guests are welcome to shoot on space available basis; pay standard club range fee at counter.

6)     Shooting protocol is 15 rounds of 3 arrows each at an upper and lower positioned “Vegas” style target.  A perfect score is 450 points.  45 arrows in all will be shot per archer.  Shooter has the option of selecting a single spot target face (with rings valued at 10 thru 1) or a 3 spot (rings valued 10 to 6).  3 spot shooters may not revert to a single spot at any time unless approved by the league manager (based on health problems or a significant change in/ or problem with equipment).  One spot shooters can advance to a 3 spot, but not back again without approval.  Youths with bows having a draw weight of under 40 pounds may opt to shoot at a distance of 10 yards.

7)      Make-ups rounds are permitted only in advance.  Otherwise, absences are scored using your handicap minus 2 points per game (6 in all).  Make up rounds must be declared prior to start, witnessed and be comprised of 45 consecutive shots (a rest break is permitted).   Score keeper will use your “best” score first for an absence unless you provide prior instruction.  Best means the higher of a “penalized” average or your highest available make-up round.

 8)  Must use conventional target points no wider than arrow  (no “bulge” points.)

 9) League manager or his designee has final say in resolving disputes, problems and situations requiring a decision.  Remember, it’s just  recreation!


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